Thursday, January 6, 2011


The other day I wanted to get our year end/new year family picture.

It was freezing and raining outside so doing an outdoor picture was not an option. 

Gathering everyone to one place all at the same time isn't very easy. 

Since all are so busy, running from one place to another,the time frame for actually taking the picture is very short.

I was successful in getting a picture or two that will work in the short 10 minutes I had to get this done.

This picture isn't necessarily one that will be printed to share, but it is a keeper as it reminds me of the good times we go through in order to get a family picture.  

This picture caught my good side while I was trying to get into place before the self timer went off.  It also caught the antics my crew does when I try to get pictures taken.  It is usually one or all three of them doing something other than smiling and looking cute.  It's amazing that I come out with one self respecting picture.

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