Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Things = Happiness?

"The more a man possesses over and above what he uses, the more careworn he becomes."
— George Bernard Shaw

This George Bernard Shaw may have it.  I've been feeling weighed down by things that I have and don't know exactly what to do with them.  I've also not figured out how or where to put them away.  There is simply no room for them, hence they get piled up in corners on the floor or any flat surface that will accommodate them until I can think about them later.  

The thought of them wearies me.  I try the "bring something in take something out" philosophy and it does work for clothing and shoes for the most part.  I don't feel so overwhelmed by those things as I do things I have purchased to further, benefit, use creatively.

How ironic that the paper, paints and pretties I've spent good money on is what brings me to a screeching halt creatively.  It just doesn't bring happiness beyond the smile it spurred in the shop when I saw it.  

Do any of you have that same problem or is it just me!?!?!? 

Help me Rhonda, Help, Help me, Rhonda.  (Name that tune.)

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