Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tisket A Tasket

I looked at the clock sure it's lunch time.  No. It's 11:00AM .  An hour later I look at the clock again, it shows 11:10AM. Surely the clock battery is having issues.  I look at the clock for the umpteenth time, hoping it's finally time to call it a day.


Finally, I can clear off the desk, file the last items into the tickler file, close the multiple windows on the computer screens, and shut down the computer.

Put on my coat and scarf, grab my purse and basket and ...  


I have carried this basket back and forth to work for about 4 years.  One of my co-workers teased me about being Little Red Riding Hood, minus the red riding hood.  

This basket is a part of me.  I don’t know how I did it before, oh, wait, now I remember. I worked part time before and didn’t really have much need for My Basket.

But now? I wouldn’t be me without it.  

Time to leave the office. I pick up My Basket, glancing at its full contents. 

First thought is of the blogs I’ve seen where various people show "What's In Your Purse.”  Never been much interested in what other people carried in their purses but the idea struck me and I wondered what was really in My Basket.

Took off my coat and scarf and grabbed my cell phone camera.  You’ll see why in a moment.

Plastic smoothie glass
Clear glass mug with a pear in it.  I didn't eat the pear after all.  To protect it I slipped into the mug.
Plastic utensils

Various empty plastic containers from breakfast, lunch, and snack food items.
Part of a mini Cinnamon bread (part of breakfast)
Emergen - C packets (just in case)
Vitamin container

Canon camera (for the times I’d rather use The Big Gun)
Kodak camera (to take pictures at work and photo IDs)
USB port for Kodak camera
Work keys

Small notebook
Several odds ‘n ends of paper.  Need to clean those out.  I can probably throw half of them away.
Book: Rich Dad, Poor Dad CashFlow.  Need to return that.
Light and Tasty recipe CD
Broken Bracelet
Baggie with a sticky note and something in it.

What do you never leave home without and has become a part of you?


  1. LOL - I remember the basket! Never thought about the Red Riding Hood thing, though. That sounds like a Diverism to me?

  2. what a cool idea. I carry around a large orange tote with all my stuff in it. I should empty it and see what is inside.

  3. Love your basket :-) I like these 'What's in your purse' posts (though in the UK, the purse is the small item for holding your cash - notes and coins; the larger bag containing purse and all the other items is called a handbag). I ALWAYS have my keys and mobile with me. I nearly always also have my camera, some tissues, my diary (with notebook pages), at least one pen, my whistle and memory stick on a lariat (for teaching!), a snack of some dried fruit, my EpiPens in case of an allergic reaction.... Think that's everything!!