Thursday, February 3, 2011

Embrace Your Camera

Saturday's are usually grocery shopping days and My Mann and I typically do it together.  But this past Saturday he was a bit stressed due to several bids and change orders he needed to take care of for work and a talk he had to finish preparing for church the next day.  

My Boy was home so I asked if he would go with me.  I like having a male Mann with me to fill my gas tank, heft the basket load of purchased groceries into the back of the car and out of the car when we arrive home.  

This is us happily complete with our task and preparing to drive home.  

Step out from behind your camera and capture yourself.


  1. I always want company grocery shopping!!! its better when someone is with you :)
    Great photo!

  2. Hooray for help with the shop! I nearly always end up doing it by myself - and when I do have company, it's not exactly 'help', it just means the kids are off school!!