Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Got Love?

Yesterday was Valentine's day.  

Often Valentine's Day is jokingly recognized as Single Awareness Day. Valentine's Day doesn't have to be for twosomes romantically paired.  

There are twosomes paired for more reasons than romance where love, charity, service can be given on a daily basis.  

You and the sales clerk.
You and the stranger you pass in the isles.
You and the person that cuts you off in your lane.
You and the mailperson.
You and your child's teacher.
You and your boss or co-worker.

You get my drift.

This year I have tried to look at it as Love One Another day.  I feel I am the one that need this reminder the most.

Frequently we remember those close to us that love us and we love them because they are, well....close to us.

There are others that are close, yet very distant, to us in grocery lines, neighbors we never see, a brother or sister in the car next to us, behind us or in front of us.  

Do we remember there are those distant from us that need love through random acts of service?

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