Thursday, February 10, 2011


I have been wanting,well...

not terribly, strongly wanting, but wanting in order to complete something type of wanting, to get a current picture of just me for my one little word book.  

Who really wants to have a 5x7 portrait of themselves? Unless you're a professional model or something.

Anyway, we had some time and some gorgeous weather so I asked My Mann if he would take some pictures of me.

Now, I need your help to help choose which one to use for my one little word: Trust book.
While taking these pictures I was facializing my feelings about having my picture taken. 

You can cast your vote by telling me which number you choose in your comment. I would really love the help.

Thanks for you help and get out from behind your camera and embrace your camera.

Ciao y baci mis amicos.


  1. I choose #4. And you look great in turquoise! Aaand - I'm jealous of your weather.

  2. I had fun taking the pictures and even more fun looking at them now. They are all you!!! I think I would put #3 in my trust book.