Thursday, February 24, 2011


I was able to finally finish a layout I had started last month.  Why does it take so long to finish some things? she says.  Maybe it's that problem about just letting some things go.

"I'm letting the boys clean up their mess, "I'm out of there."

I was upstairs still getting ready. What has her all riled up is that there are too many cooks in the kitchen trying to make waffles and not everyone is on the same train of thought. I thought it best to also stay out of the kitchen and finish getting me ready.

My Boy wanted to double the recipe but in his addition of the oil ingredients he triples instead of doubling them.  As he pours it into the dry ingredients he's thinking that things don't seem right, like there's too much liquid.  Yep, he's right.

The boys figured it out, adding more dry ingredients and we get to enjoy lots of delicious waffles on from the new waffle iron.  Our first meal of the new year 2011 and we're all together.


  1. Linda,

    Sorry I don't have your email =(
    I was wanting to let you know that Zaak and I are getting sealed on March 25 at 5:15pm in the Mesa Temple! We will be sending out invites in a couple weeks but figured we let you know sooner since you live far. We would love if you can make it but understand if you can't. Hope all is well =)


  2. I like it a lot with the new color. It really gives it the punch it needed.