Monday, March 21, 2011

Blogging for Scrapbookers

I’m taking a course called Blogging for Scrapbookers and this is the first day.  We have been asked to consider why we want to focus on blogging for the next three weeks.  

I think I can say it all began for me in January of 2010.  That is, the world of blogging and an alternative to scrapbooking began for me in 2010.  I had a need to write.  Not that I’m a great writer by any means of the word, but I felt that need to put thoughts to written word. 

At this time I also began my first excursion into Project 365 so my blog became a natural receptacle for those photographs.  Then a funny shift happened. 
Once I got the pictures along with the words on the screen I felt my need to physically scrapbook greatly diminished.  I was content.  I felt like I had accomplished something lasting that day.  My thoughts had been expressed and immortalized, just as scrapbooking should be.  I wanted family and friends to share in my excitement.  I appreciate you stopping by family and friends.

But through blogging I have found additional, wonderful, friends that I would never have come across in a million years without blogging.  What a blessing that has been to meet you, learn from you, and be encouraged by you.  A huge heartfelt, “THANK YOU!”

Now, that I am at the beginning of my second year of blogging I’ve been thinking about my blog.  I want to figure out how to keep blogging, which I love, in balance with my family, which I also love, a full time job, some physical scrapbooking, photography, and all those mundane things that need to be done and to keep my blogging meaningful for myself and others who have taken the time to stop by and visit.  I think that is what I will focus on even more so now in the upcoming three weeks.

Have you ever found that you have started a project to find it take you in a direction you never suspected like blogging did for my scrapbooking? 


  1. Oh, I think you have hit the nail on the head - finding a good balance can be so hard but I think it is crucial to keep you enthusiastic and able to cope with all other apsects of life! :-)

  2. Everything you say here makes complete sense to me. My scrapbooking has really diminished especially in the last several months. I love to blog and cruise other people's blogs, but now I love painting, mixed media and art journaling while maintaining a household and working full time, so no wonder there is very little time for scrapbooking. I agree with Amy - I need not one of these creative outlets, but all of them as it helps keep me interested.

  3. Looking forward to reading your blog!!

  4. Yep, you've spoken for me here, too! Sometimes having told the story and coupled it with the photo(s) on my blog is enough, and I don't feel the need to scrap the layout too. And I'm OK with that, on the whole. I tend to get more journaling onto my blog than I ever did on my pages anyway! I know that the urge to scrap will still come upon me regularly so I do still have that outlet. And oh, can I just say how much I love that you have a photo of you composing that post (complete with relfection of you) at the exact right point in your post? That made me so happy!!

  5. This is just how I feel too. I no longer have a need to scrapbook with paper since starting my blog. I have tried my hand at digital scrapping which I am loving, & learning Photoshop completely relaxes me after work. Yes it it so interesting the different directions starting one new project has taken me. x