Thursday, March 17, 2011


What  involves My Boy,  6 police cars and officers, 1 fire truck and 3 firemen , a mass of spectators,  mobile phones recording photos and videos, and waking to a panicked phone call home. 

Rear ending the city bus? Already been there, done that.

The police calling home asking if my son was Boy Mann?  Been there, done that.

Running into a very large pillar?  Been there, done that.

A car race, spin out and ticket?  Been there, done that.

Running into an embankment to avoid an oncoming vehicle? Been there, done that.

How about a car fire? That's a new one.  Ding, ding, ding, got the winner.   

I've always dreaded one of these and this time I got to experience the waking up to the panicked phone call home part of it. 
This is how it went down:
My Boy went bowling with a few of his friends. Afterward, when he left the parking lot of the bowling alley and turned on to the street the car started to act poorly, chugging, then all of a sudden there was a horrific BOOM! followed by flames shooting out from under the hood.

He got out of the car in a panic and stupidly opened the hood to see if he could put the flames out, which he couldn’t .  So he called 911 and the dispatcher asks, “Do you have an emergency?”  to which he cried,  “MY CAR IS ON FIRE!”  After giving his location information the dispatcher asks, “Do you need the fire department?”  My Boy thought, but thankfully didn’t say (At least he says he didn’t say), would I be calling if I didn’t need their assistance?

She then transfers him to the fire department to tell them the same information yet once more.   They asked, “How big is the fire?”  He answered, “It’s engulfed the whole engine!!!!   HURRY!”  They answered that they would get there as soon as possible which isn’t all that comforting when you're watching the windshield of your car melting like the wicked witch of West right in front of your eyes.

He then called home and in a panicked voice and staccato sentences tells me his car is on fire, he called 911, he needs a ride home, no, wait his friends are still there he can get a ride home with them, he was alright, bye, click.   All this information took me a minute to fully digest and make sense of since I was not fully awake.   Sadly, I’m getting use to these kind of situations where My Boy is concerned.  

I was once afraid he'd never make it to adulthood.  Well, he did, and now I wonder if he'll make it to midlife.

Then My Boy stood and watched as the fire department showed up and sprayed the car down inside and out. It was only then that he realized all of his stuff was still in the car and started worrying about the damage that could have occurred. After all was said and done no damage, other than water damage, had harmed his belongings, to which he was very happy. And to no surprise, he was most worried about his beloved basketball shoes in the Lakers' colors of purple and gold.  As it turned out there was quite a bit of water to his textbooks and notebooks, and some water damage to his basketball clothes, which will be taken care of in the wash.  
When he was finally able to retrieve his things it was discovered that his basketball shoes and scriptures were not harmed.  He made the comment that Heavenly Father knew what things were important.

Sigh, you got love that Boy or I'd take him out of his AND my misery.  I color the gray hairs that would prove that.

Now, I am trying to participate in a free class called Joy of Luck by Willette.  You can still sign up.

In light of this incident and the prompt email that came in tonight I am posting this picture and thought.
 The prompt is to capture something that we take for granted everyday.  

Everyday I get into my car and with no second thought I put the fob into the ignition, turn it and expect it to start.  

I put it into drive and expect to get to my destination and back without incident.  I feel lucky to have my expectations fulfilled.  There are many who do not have this luxury.


  1. Oh, I am so glad he is okay. And that you are. As to the other phone calls, CHAD??!? Dude??!? LOL

    BTW, I have people out here saying, "Dude, seriously? Seriously...." now. ROFL You can't take the CA out of the girl.....

    Don't WASC too much. Kitty vibes.

  2. Oh my gosh.... Thank goodness he was OK! What a terrifying experience! And I've given both my kids a big squeeze and reminded myself not to take them for granted xx

  3. Wow! Thats scary...glad he got out safe and that his shoes were saved =)

  4. Definitely the scariest thing of my life. And just for the record the phone call was not THAT short haha. Definitely grateful the Lord watched over me though, and my shoes =).