Thursday, March 24, 2011

Floatin' My Boat

Five things floatin' my boat this week:

Words of inspiration.

1. Words of love in subway art.

From Joy in the Jumble

2. Love that these words of inspiration use my one little word for 2011: Trust
Image by Tea for Thoughts on Etsy

3. What words of inspiration these are, don't you think?
Via of Photobucket

4. I think these are 13 Happy Things that would bring a smile to me as well.
Via lovely-like-pie
5. I love these words from Pooh.  He is so smart.
Via weheartit

What inspiring words float your boat at this point in time?


  1. I like this very much - especially the words of Pooh. He's right, of course.

  2. Hi - I'm stopping by from Shimelle's class. I love the words and images you posted. Very inspiring. Great idea for a favorites list.

  3. Awwwww.....Pooh Bear is wise. Bow to Pooh!

    Sorry I missed you Tuesday, I was in class! If you are around this evening, I can give you a call back. If it's work-related, just text me and I'll call you ASAP. Love you. Kitty vibes.

  4. love your selection - the emerson quote is great

    visiting from Shimelle's class

  5. These - all of these! They're wonderful, thanks so much for sharing xx

  6. I've always loved that Pooh quote....but think all of those are great.