Sunday, March 20, 2011

Project 365 - Week 9

Wow, the week is over and the day has just about faded away when I realized I hadn't posted my 365 for the week.  So here we go.

3.13.11 Sunday:  The week of St. Patrick's Day and the wearing of the green.  The week began very Spring like.  I couldn't help it, I just had to capture the new life bursting from sleepy limbs and blankets of brown earth.
 3.14.11 Monday:  With all the fresh new growth going on I had to investigate more to see what else was bursting from the warmth of the sun.

3.15.11 Tuesday: On today's investigations I brought Zeba out with me so she could see what was happening in the outside world.
3.16.11 Wednesday: Kind of a sad day today.  I took My Boy to bid a final farewell to his car and collect whatever he could from it.  I did manage to capture some green in the new face lift my place of work is undergoing.
 3.17.11 Thursday:  St. Patrick's day.  I have an Irish co-worker who brought in some lucky three leaf clover, Irish scones and Irish butter.  That Irish butter is wonderful.  So rich and creamy!  I think the scones were invented just to be a carrier of the butter.  
3.18.11 Friday: Not feeling up to par for some reason today.  My Mann really loves me.  He went to do the Costco shopping for me.  After he had been gone for awhile I thought I wonder what he will bring home that isn't on the list.  Whenever he goes with me or by himself, invariably, I find things in the cart that weren't on the list.  Sure enough he brought home some braided apple strudel that I know I didn't ask for. He looks happy, huh? It was worth it.
3.19.11 Saturday:  My Mann had to take care of some business today so while he was gone I attacked this week's hot spot from Project Simplify - paper clutter.  I have several places for paper clutter but with the limited time I was realistic in my attack. This time I attacked somewhere that I rarely manage, my table in our bedroom sitting area.  I wish I had a before picture to show you.  Thought about taking one but, honestly, I was too embarrassed to let you see the foot and a half pile on top of the table along with the papers, books, and notebooks piled below the table top which almost reached the underside of the top. I, actually My Boy emptied three trash loads of paper.  

Cleaning out the clutter gave me so much momentum I used it to go on and get rid of paper and empty boxes from my computer desk in the bedroom.  It is so refreshing to look at these areas now.  The added bonus to this de-cluttering the paper clutter I found a gift certificate for 1 pound of Sees Candy.  After My Mann and I did our Mall walk Saturday I stopped in at the Sees Candy shop and collected on my gift certificate.  I filled my one pound with a mixture of Dark chocolate truffles, dark chocolate-chocolate chip truffles and dark raspberry truffles.  I'm a real happy girl!

I hope you have all had great weeks of refreshment and growth.

Ciao y baci mis amicos.

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  1. Major kudos to you sorting out that clutter! I got a lot of paper clutter organised over the weekend, but only because I couldn't find something really important.... I'm hoping I'll learn from that and file or recycle things rather more promptly, but I suspect the lesson will wear off before too long!