Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The 13 Clocks

How come I never heard about this book until now?  I needed some light reading after the two non-fiction books I had just finished. 
I was introduced to this book by My Sweet Pea who had just heard about it from a co-worker.  The 13 Clocks was just what I needed.  It’s a tale, written by James Thurber, of a fairy tale land like no other fairy tale land with a cold and “gloomy castle on a lonely hill where there were 13 clocks that wouldn’t go.”  

 It’s a dark, cold place that you would not want to visit.  Yet, there were some that did; princes that came to woo the princess Saralinda who was the only light and warmth in the castle.  As in most fairy tales there is always a wicked, cold-hearted somebody that doesn’t want the fair princess to live happily ever after, that is also the case in this fairy tale.
This fairy tale also has wonderfully enchanting characters like Hagga who weeps jewels; Golux, an interesting fellow who is wise, makes things up then doesn’t remember what is false and what is truth and then there is a Todal, the most terrifying of all.

This book was such fun to read. One minute one reads threats to be slit from guggle to zatch and fed to the geese or Todal and the next reading lyrics like “The minstrel thought of swimming lakes too wide to swim, of turning liquids into stone, or finding boneless creatures made of bone.”

Fun book. You got to give it a read. 


  1. Sounds like a good read. I just put it on hold at my library. Thanks!

  2. This sounds interesting, thanks for the tip :-) I shall check out my library too! xx