Sunday, April 17, 2011

Project 365 - Week 14

This has been a pretty full and stressful week.
4.10.11 Sunday:  It's bar-b-que hamburgers on the menu for Sunday dinners again.  It smelled so good on the grill.  I love the smell of smoke coming in on the boys from being outside cooking the burgers.  I just want to bury my nose in the chests and inhale.  Is that weird?  The burgers tasted so good!
4.11.11 Monday: I was having a rough day.  A co-worker asked if I wanted to join her on a walk.  It was just what I needed - to get out in the fresh air and sunshine to lift my spirits and ease some stress.
4.12.11 Tuesday: Dave and I were in the living room for some reason that I now can't remember and I discovered that we had several dead bees on the carpet.  You know what that means, don't you?  Yep, it's swarming season again this year.   One year they even decided to start building a nest in our chimney.  Luckily, I was was home and noticed the bee activity so I lit a fire in the fireplace which chased them away, but ever since then there are bees that still seem to think that coming down our chimney is a good idea.  One year when we were remodeling the house a swarm came in and built a hive in between our second and first floor.  That was an interesting year. Sad to have to kill all those bees and disposing of the honeycomb they had made.  When they say busy as a bee, they aren't kidding. 
4.13.11 Wednesday: Today was My Boy's 22nd birthday.  After work we were able to goof around together and spend some good family time together.  (My hair needs to be cut) My Sweet Pea found it a little more difficult to participate in some activities - like eating - as she had three impacted wisdom teeth pulled that same morning.
4.14.11 Thursday: I've been feeling melancholy and stressed at the same time this week.  The melancholy due to some family issues and stressed due to work deadline issues. It was good to take some time to do our Mall walk.  In the courtyard I looked up and saw this view.  

4.15.11 Friday:  Warm weather. Bright sunny days.  Beautiful sunset. 

I hope your week is as wonderful as Friday's weather and sunset was. 

Ciao y baci mis amicos,


  1. What lovely photos :-) I hope this week brings more of the happy times, sorry to hear you've had some worries lately xx Oh, and much sympathy to your Sweet Pea, I had a couple of impacted wisdom teeth out a few years ago and it wasn't fun!

  2. Awwww.....I've had impacted wisdom teeth. My best to her. And to you. Believe me, I am feeling your pain. Sending you a hug and many kitty vibes.