Sunday, April 24, 2011

Project 365 - Week 15

This has been a very, very full week.  One that was exhausting, full of laughter, anticipation, frustration, and good memories.
4.16.11 Saturday:  Good by…..Hello   I flew out to stay with my sister for the week.  This trip was planned months ago to come out to stay scrapbook the week away with .  The timing couldn’t have been better having just learned the week prior to my flight that my mother has adrenocarcinoma  of the pancreas.   Mann!  Just writing that makes my stomach drop and feel queasy.  
 4.17.11 Sunday:  My mom is an amazing woman.  Thankfully her cancer was found while still in the early stage so at this point in time one would never guess that she has a silent killer within her.  My sister and I spent a good part of the afternoon with my mom after church going through a life time of accumulated photographs and memorabilia that she has culled from various nooks and corners of her home all into one place into eight good size boxes.  At this stage of the week my sister and I wonder if we’ll be able to get all the information for the photographs of who’s who and where’s where answered by mom over the course of the week.
4.18.11 Monday:  Today we did some scrapbooking.  Last month my sister and I started Stacy Julian’s iScrap class from Big Picture Classes.  Due to schedules we were unable to finish it so we had planned to do the last little bit of it.  We thought that would be a realistic goal in light of the current circumstances.  Who knew that writing the journaling for the nine pages would be mentally and emotionally draining?   I had a sense that it wouldn’t be an easy thing to do as this class required some heavy introspective writing, but it was more draining than I expected.  Good, but draining.  With the scrapbooking we interspersed scanning Mom’s old pictures in order to share them with all siblings. 

By the end of the day we both had to get away from the mental work and do some window shopping at the local mall.  On the way home there was a huge moon on the horizon coming just over the mountain.  I wish I had a tripod to do it justice
4.19.11 Tuesday: Did more writing and finished the hard part, the thinking; now we could begin handwriting what we wrote on to our scrapbook pages.   The going over more photographs, and scanning also continued throughout the day.  We came across a picture of my parents taken many years ago and my mom observed, “I still have that dress!”   My sister and I both said let’s see.  Next thing we know she’s gone and comes back with it on.  So we took a picture of her sitting in the same position as she was in the photograph only this time my dad is missing.  
 4.20.11 Wednesday: More handwriting on to scrapbook pages, which are now finished, looking at more pictures, and scanning more pictures.  

This evening I met another of my sister’s friends and we took a little break to learn a little more Photoshop and play.
4.21.11 Thursday: In addition to scanning, laughing, ohhing, ahhing, and sighing over old pictures, there were a lot of odd and end things we did, like selecting stain for Mom’s front gate, helping my brother in law pull cable for his ham radio antennae, and relaxing out doors for a bit.
4.22.11 Friday: We have seen the boxes and piles of pictures dwindle nothing and be dispersed to give to other relatives.   We can’t believe that we are all but done with just a handful that needs people or dates identified.  We called it a day and allowed ourselves some time to review what I learned the night before and just watch TV.  Jedi has felt ignored over the week so he is taking advantage of our down time. 

The whole week has passed without a call from the cancer clinic.  We are still in the dark as to what the next step is or when.  We’ve called Mom’s doctor during the week and today to see what his office knows, as we do not have a direct contact with the cancer clinic, but it sounds like they haven’t been able to do more than leave messages at the clinic either. 

My wish for next week? I wish you a great one full of good memories and living in the present and I wish to hear something from the cancer clinic and enjoy listening to my mom's voice over the phone.

Ciao y baci mis amicos

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