Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Friendship Cake

Have you ever received one of those gifts of Friendship Cakes and starter?  Then you have to take care of the starter – feed it, massage it, watch it grow, then bake it into a few cakes to pass on to your friends with it’s own starter.  This book, Friendship Cake by Lynne Hinton, isn’t about that kind of Friendship Cake, but in a way it is.

It begins with the Hope Springs church women's group trying to put together a recipe book.  We follow the core group of women as they work out their differences, begin to open their lives to each other, and learn to accept each other until they are a close group of ladies.  Through the bond of friendship that is created they help each other through the loss of a loved one, acceptance of an alcoholic mother, and a pregnancy before marriage to name just a few trials they go through along with the trial of collecting enough recipes for their cookbook.

Each chapter begins with a real recipe like Twila’s Chicken Pie or Charlotte’s Banana Pudding. You will find a recipe for Lucy's Friendship Cake at the beginning of the last chapter which bears no resemblance to the Friendship Cake I referred to receiving.

In a sense the women in this book are like that Friendship Cake starter I mentioned earlier.  They fed each other by taking the time to listen, laugh, cry, care, and help each other.  They massaged their friendship with hugs, shared conversations over cups of coffee, and cared for each other’s needs creating a friendship that grew into a strong bond.

I think this book was an OK book; not one I would read again, but  definitely not one I am sorry I read, as I did learn some things from it. I think it would be a nice, simple, summer read type book.

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