Sunday, May 15, 2011


This has been an interesting week.  I hadn't realized how emotionally and mentally taxing the previous week had been.  It took several days for me to get over wanting to sleep all the time.  
Being at MD Andersen Cancer Clinic last week with my sister and mom was hard. My mom was more or less an anomaly there.  She felt no symptoms from her cancer and her cancer is localized.  As we went from place to place through out the center we faced other patients in varying degrees of physical energy from walking to wheelchairs; varying degrees of hair loss or regrowth; varying ages - the hardest being the children, the littlest one we saw dwarfed in an adult size wheelchair; all with their family members near and loving them with tenderness and care.  
We found that my mom who has pancreatic cancer is one the few 20% with this type of cancer that has been found in such an early stage.  So grateful that she is an operable candidate.  I am so grateful to her doctor who took two complaints - continuing high blood sugar numbers and  weight loss - put them together and pursued further investigation.

She still has a lot to go through but we are hopeful.  So grateful for that hope.   

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  1. MD Anderson is a WONDERFUL place. We refer kids there frequently (says the girl who works in Hem-Onc). Your mom is in good hands.

    The fact that they caught pancreatic cancer that early - all I can say is that it's a miracle. That one is particularly dangerous, usually because by the time symptoms show up, it's too late. I am so happy for you that they caught it early! Please let me know if there is anything I can do from here. Sending love and kitty vibes.