Thursday, May 19, 2011

I Scrap Part 2

This part is the present introspection of my I scrap pages.

 I love the photo I chose for this page.  It is a mural that has been painted on the side of a building.  I think it portrays the feelings of not knowing what is real, thinking things were one way then finding they were a facade.  The journaling tells of how I have felt lost.  The goals and dreams, the bitterness and distrust, and trying to find my way again.

Our teacher, Stacy Julian, first gave us the prompts - I Was, I Am, etc. and then asked us to find one picture to go with each of the nine prompt.  We had no idea what we would be asked to do with these pictures when this first assignment was given. I love how the picture choices worked out and helped the introspective journaling. 
This is another of my favorite photos.  Not because it is any great photo but because it captures a humorous but true statement in an unusual way.  The rock, which isn't really a rock, but a man made piece to appear as one with the following engraving.  
If this Rock is,'s raining.
Moving...earthquake's snowing
Not's stolen.
My journaling is basically about how I do not really know much of anything.  Those things I thought I knew weren't as true as I had once thought and this rock is about as close to truth as I can bank on.  
For the journaling I just started listing things I love like, bar-b-que burgers for Sunday dinner, the ocean, nature, learning, an adventure, preparing Thanksgiving dinner for 30-60 loved family members, travel, Disneyland, spending time with my mom and sister, my family, and the sun.

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