Saturday, May 21, 2011

I Scrap Part 3

For the final segment of the I scrap class, the future introspection.
In this journaling took a look at what I thought and felt which led me to how I would proceed through the coming year.  Basically I believe that as long as I keep trying nothing is lost.  Just keep trying whether they are baby steps or long strides to do what I can do and be what I can be.
This journaling took me to thoughts of wondering when and how things will progress with my kidlets, wondering how to combine the lives of our adult children and My Mann and my desires to see them catch the wind under their wings and take flight.

This journaling came out to address my desires for myself for this year; a learning from last year and hopes for this one.  I will try to have a grateful attitude, do the right thing, be helpful, be in the present, have a good attitude, and continue to travel, explore and have adventures.

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