Sunday, May 29, 2011

Project 365 - Week 20

This week sweet peas are involved quite a bit.
5.21.11 Saturday: We have never gone to see a movie on its opening day.  I've been anxiously waiting for this move it come out for such a long time that I didn't have the needed patience to wait another week for the crowds to start to thin so we joined the crowds.  I have mixed feelings about this fourth edition of Pirates.  Missed seeing some of the past characters, like Calipso, the Turners, and some of the old pirate crew, that we have grown to love yet I understand that they weren't part of this story line. 
5.22.11 Sunday: A restful day.  After church  I poked around in the front yard and found this iris hiding amongst the roses.
5.23.11 Monday: My Sweet Pea has been planning "What's for Dinner!"  then doing the actual cooking of the dinner.  It has been great!
5.24.11 Tuesday: I never got around to pruning my roses over the winter so my bushes have grown a little wild left to their own.  Since My Sweet Pea has been doing the cooking I was able to spend some time gardening after work.  It was great!
5.25.11 Wednesday: Part of my every morning when I get ready for the day is to look out my bathroom window and enjoy the view of the wildlife, hillside, and field in back.  This time I looked down where I had planted sweet peas and the area looked like rich brown earth.  When I came downstairs my curiosity got to me and I had to check it out.  When I did, I found this. I was NOT happy!
5.26.11 Thursday: Some cut roses from a couple days before that I had brought to enjoy in my office.
5.27.11 Friday:  My Sweet Pea got my camera and caught some pictures of me.

Have a safe and happy Memorial Weekend.


  1. :) You, your Sweet Pea and your roses all look wonderful! See you in a few weeks! Kitty vibes.

  2. Lovely, lovely photos - except for the brown earth.... xx