Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Got Space?

While I work I have the luxury to listen to Noell Hyman's Roundtable podcastsI was listening to the podcast that aired on June 1st which had a discussion on scrap spaces.  

The week prior to hearing this podcast I was having a crafting crisis.  The whole crises was around my scraping space and where I did it.  Actually, scrapping wasn't happening much. 

If I did do something I found I was trying to work on my little ottoman while watching TV or a movie with My Mann.  That little ottoman just didn't offer me much space or a hard enough surface to work on efficiently. 
 Especially when Zeba was helping.  And on top of that I found I was walking more than I was crafting.  

Get up and get that punch.

Oh! I need that element.

I need a more heavy-duty adhesive.  

I was putting more miles on my pedometer than I was on my project.  

I ended up at IKEA to take a look-see again for a desk or island alternative that I could possibly put behind our TV chairs.  I did find a table that has appeased my pent up frustration. 
I love that I can open up the dropped leaf which gives me a good 35 inches of working space. This usually happens as soon as I get home from work or after dinner.  My Mann loves that this workspace cleans up and shrinks to a compact 10 inches each evening before I go upstairs for the night. 
 I also like that I now have a home for all my laptop and electronic cords and chargers all in one convenient place.   
 The drawback is that the drawers are very compact and aren't great storage for some things I'd like to have near by.  
That created another frenzy last week.  I went through the bookcase that resides on the wall behind my table.  I was rather ruthless.  I donated over 40 books to our library which, cleared out a few shelves for some craft/scrap supply possibilities. I did that just before I left so I'm itching to get back and see how those empty shelves will work out. 
So far I'm liking my new work space.  My original work space (you can see it to the left of the picture behind the spiral staircase) was not far from the TV/kitchen area where the family congregated.  It was just around the corner.  But I couldn't see the TV.  And that corner limited my involvement in the family conversations, jokes, and fun.   My space is still evolving and I'm sure it will more when I get home again.  

How about you?  Where do you get creative?  Do you like being in the thick of family life or do you prefer to be tucked away in you own space so you can concentrate?  

I'd like to hear or see your creative space(s).  Leave a link if you want to share your space.  afting 


  1. My space is my coffee table! LOL Yours looks great, though! Can't wait to see you. Are you still going to be in the office on the 27th?

  2. Oh, that looks fabulous! :) I don't have a designated craft space as such - in one respect it's nowhere, in another respect it's everywhere!! I usually craft on the coffee table or, more often, the floor; I like to be in the living room where fanily's around and the big TV is - and my laptop is set up there too! My stuff is stored all over the place though, so I do end up walking round the house fetching tools and supplies. I can't see a way round it with the rooms and furniture we have to work with though.... So I shall quietly envy yours ;)