Thursday, June 30, 2011


The other day we were perusing the local Lowe's nursery section as I was looking for some Russian sage.  Found it and while I was looking I found another interesting plant, actually it's a grass. 
What struck me were the curly blades.

It reminded me of my hair. 

I loved it. 

I just had to buy it and take it home with me.  

The next day My Mann planted it for me.  

It looked great in it's special little place on the hill.  
Yesterday, I went out to water it and noticed that my grass was well loved by something else.  

Although, I'm sure it was for a different reason than it's curly blades reminding it of it's hair.  You gotta love it.  The beauty of grass is that it will grow back.  And if things go the same as with other plants in our yard that have had to go through this same inauguration the animal that loved it will leave it  alone to struggle to grow back. 

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