Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Pilot's Wife

Can you really know someone?  That is the question.  

A plane, piloted by Jack, exploded over the coast of Ireland.  Pilots' wives are taught to be prepared for the knock at the door, late at night, but Kathryn, after learning of her husband's death has additional startling information thrust upon her.  These rumors of Jack's secret life create a frenzy in the publicity.  Kathryn sets out to exonerate her husband from being falsely accused of causing the explosion which killed himself and all on board. This quest leads her to some revelations about her husband and herself.  All the while through the book the theme is ever present, How well can you really know another person?  I found myself asking that question more than once after reading the book.

While the book wasn't bad, it wasn't great.  With the Oprah Book Club seal on the cover I was expecting more.  It did keep me turning pages, wanting to know if my predictions were right, and they were.  I think that is where the disappointment lays.  It was too predictable. I'm glad I didn't put out the funds to purchase this book and it isn't one that I'd read again.  Although, I don't regret spending the time to read it.  One warning I would give is to not start reading this book whilst flying on a plane, as I did.  

What do you think?  How well can you really know someone? 

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  1. I think it depends on the person. If the person in question is honest, then I would say that you can probably know them pretty well. I don't say completely, because we all have our inner struggles as we work through situations and philosophies, and the world sees the end product rather than the process. But in general, the actions define the person better than words do. It's a wonderful find when both line up!