Sunday, June 5, 2011

Project 365 - Week 21

Can you believe we have entered a new month, already? We are coming to the end of another school year, looking forward to the lazy, hazy, days of summer. I could use some laziness. How about you?

5.28.11 Saturday: Went to watch My Boy and My Mann play in a baseball game.  It was very exciting.  Usually there isn't much to cheer about but we had a couple double plays and some good high scoring innings.
5.29.11 Sunday: It was a restful sabbath and bar-b-que hamburgers for dinner. 

5.31.11 Monday:  Memorial Day.  So grateful for the sacrifice of the men and women of the military. My Boy made us tacos for dinner.  They were delicious! Do you think he made enough?
5.31.11 Tuesday: We have a strong desire for Mexican food in our family.  It could be that all but My Mann are full or a percentage of taco, enchilada, chili relleno, refried beans, chorizo, tortilla, Spanish rice,blood coursing through our veins and My Mann benefits from our cravings. Yumalicious!
6.2.11 Wednesday: Saturday My Mann and I went to IKEA and purchased a table that I could set up and work while watching TV and still be in the same vicinity with my family.  I've been enjoying the work area every evening since we put the table together.  
6.2.11 Thursday:  Went with My Sweet Pea for her to get some training on the brand new organ that was installed in the chapel.  This organ is so intelligent that it can play itself.  Kind of like a player piano except that it's an organ.   I could even play it, I mean push the little button.   
6.2.11 Friday: What's on my work table?  It's Photo Freedom time! This will be my fourth session and each time I learn a little more and become a little freer.  

Wishing you all a great week with something each day for which to be grateful. 

Ciao y baci mis amicos,

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  1. :)And to think when I played the organ at church, I had to use both feet and hands....that's my five-miles-uphill-in-the-snow-both-ways story for the day! Side note: I was nearly killed by cuteness this weekend. Todd's next door neighbors got two eight week-old kittens. I could have lost a hangnail for sure. As it was, they took my heart instead. Passing some kitty vibes to you. See you soon!