Sunday, June 26, 2011

Project 365 - Week 24

This has been a slow week for pictures.  Not sure why except that I was exhausted most of the earlier part of the week and I was sleeping or relaxing-reading when I wasn't working.
6.18.11 Saturday:  I left the Land of Enchantment and non too soon either as they had several bad days of enchantment flying around and leaving its residue all over everything it could get into through the most miniscule of cracks.  For those who have never experienced New Mexico's enchantment believe me you aren't missing much.  It's the fine, gritty, red, sand that New Mexico is famous for.  When the wind picks up so does this sand and it goes everywhere and gets into everything.  Your skin feels gritty, you've got it in your teeth, on your furniture and in your electronic equipment.  It's awful stuff but the rest of New Mexico does have a charm of its own that is nice.  
6.19.11 Monday: This has been the reason I've been so exhausted this week along with not getting enough sleep while in New Mexico.  I've been helping with the checking in and hefting of books. The hefting of books has given me bruises up and down my forearm.

6.21.11 Tuesday:  No picture more hefting and checking-in books. My Mann equally worn and stressed over jobs had to come home and do plumbing repairs.  Not a fun day for either of us.  We both strongly dislike plumbing issues.  How about you?  Any of you like to have plumbing problems?
6.21.11 Wednesday:Zeba giving me the evil eye as she tries to catch some ZZZzzz while I compute.
6.22.11 Thursday:  Ahh, the sound of week abatement time.  Because California can have a bonus season - the Fire season those of us living up against high risk areas have to clear the dead brush and dry weeds for a 100 ft. radius around our homes.  The sound of the tractor clearing the field next to us is one of those yearly marker, comfort, don't-know-quite-how-to-explain-it kind of sounds. 

6.23.11 Friday:  Went in to Athropologie to have a look-see.  I love their displays and their clothes.  Saw this chair made from old home radiator parts.  Very clever!

Wishing you, dear reader, a great week.

Ciao y baci mis amicos.