Monday, July 18, 2011

The Morning After

Remember the Y2K scare?  Everyone was freaked out about the Y2K bug that would shut down electronic equipment because it would have trouble rolling over  from 1999 to 2000, one century to another.  There were gas lines and people pulling money from the banks, stocking up on food, all kinds of things in order to be prepared should they not be able to buy anything on January 1st , 2000. 

Although, in the movie, Entrapment, the hot Mr. Connery and sultry Ms. Zeta-Jones use the Y2K programming glitch to their advantage.  

Then to everyone's dismay or chagrin, nothing out of the ordinary happened. We wake up the next morning of the new century without a hitch. 
Traffic on the 405

Fast forward to July 15-17 2011.  The closure of a vital section of the 405 freeway, the major artery of Los Angeles, is to be shut down.  The junction of the 101 and 405 freeways is the busiest interchange in the nation, possibly the world.  The anticipation of it's closure was making big news across the country.  The reason for the closure, you ask?  To knock down a bridge which spans the freeway.  We're getting a new one because the 405 is getting fatter.  This bridge is just a couple miles from that busy interchange.  

We, Los Angelinos, had been warned and forewarned months in advance with signs along the freeway advising us to "expect big delay"

There was much talk and speculation about the traffic jams that would occur on the city side streets acting as alternate routes for freeway traffic. Most of these streets are not equipped to handle large quantities of traffic as many are two lane roads and loaded with signal lights. 

2 PM July 15th arrived, guess who is driving down the 405 towards the airport.  Moi.  We didn't know about the closure when my sister booked her flight six months ago.  

There was a little lighter traffic as we made excellent time to the airport, but you could see the preparations of the closure, TV and News camera crews jockeying for position, which would happen a few hours after I passed back through there on my return trip home.  
KFI AM 640
7PM the freeway is officially shut down and the demolition is begun.  

A month prior to this there was a news conference held with Caltrans where the city asked what if?    you don't finish in time? something goes wrong?  what if? what if?  
Source KFI AM 640
 No one asked what if the demolition is finish way ahead of schedule and what if everyone avoids the area and what if there is no news to report and what if there is no need to get our shorts all up in a bunch?  

As it turned out the project was finished and the freeway opened almost a full day ahead of schedule. 

Hey, we've survived the Watts riots, Olympic games, the Rodney King beating, and several earthquakes.  Now this.  We're resilient people.

Don't you just love mornings?   

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  1. LOL! I am glad to hear that there was no Carmeggedon. Did you see the pic that Sharon put up on FB of the people dining at a table on the 405 when it was closed? That was a once-in-a-lifetime shot!