Sunday, July 17, 2011

Project 365 - Week 27

This week went way too fast.
7.8.11 Saturday:  My sister came into town the day before and we're taking part in a photo scavenger hunt.  Since this was the main day we could be together and get some shots with the three of us together we went scavenging. 
7.9.11 Sunday: We've had some pretty good summer days in the upper 90s but the evenings get pretty cool, but we wanted to get a sand castle made.  We had some pretty good laughs.  Along with making the sand castle I think we made some fun memories.  
7.10.11 Monday: Today was the first that my sister turned drill sargent.  She had come out to help me organize my scrapbooking/craft room.  Trouble was I woke up with a headache.  She started out gently with me, getting my rubber stamp drawers organized. 
7.11.11 Tuesday: Stole away from the craft room and organizing to find a pirate...and go out to lunch with some friends.  One we knew only by phone so to finally meet in person was great.

We got back to organizing later in the day and into the next before we went to bed.
7.12.11 Wednesday:  Been spending a lot of time at airports lately.  This time we were taking My Sweet Pea to the airport to see my mom.  After dropping her off we headed back home and my sister got down to business.  She was on a mission and all I could do was what I was told to do.
7.13.11 Thursday: This afternoon the tables turned.  I asked my sister a question and she told me to wait until she finished what she was doing.  She would interrupt me often to hand me a new pile to go through right now when I hadn't finished the one she handed me shortly before. How is it that she can interrupt my process with a new pile to go through and I can't interrupt her?!?  

Earlier, each time she'd hand me a new pile saying to go through it, I'd ask what she wanted; me to go through this pile or the new one she handed me.  It was becoming a joke.  So, now the tables had turned and we couldn't stop laughing.  We were getting slap-happy after all the work and late nights, err early mornings, that we were staying up. 
7.14.11 Friday: I can't believe the transformation of my room.  I'll post before and after pictures later this week.  I can't stop admiring it.  I love it. 
But I had to go to the airport again.  This time it was for my sister to catch her flight home.  Sad.  We got there early so we took advantage of every last minute of being together to just finish visiting and watching planes land.  We had such a great time together this week.   

Have a great week and enjoy the small stuff.  

Ciao y baci mis amicos


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