Sunday, July 31, 2011

Project 365 - Week 29

I just noticed that week 29 ended on the 29th of July.  This year is going by so fast as is Summer.  Summer and Spring in CA seem like the shortest seasons of the year.  
 7.23.11 Saturday: Today was a lazy day.  Maybe I should clarify that.  Today I was lazy.  I mostly sat or stood around watching My Mann do stuff like digging trenches and manning a carnival booth at our Pioneer Day celebration.  While he was doing things I was taking pictures of things. 
7.24.11 Sunday: Today My Mann had the camera and was taking pictures of things.
 7.25.11 Monday: My refrigerator is making me a little crazy.  Everybody puts their leftovers in but some how they never come back out. I think I'm the only that retrieves what I put in, so when it gets crammed full like this and I can't find the leftovers I know about and I'm looking for it makes me crazy.  Why is the other stuff being saved if it isn't going to be used?
 7.26.11 Tuesday: What's on your desk?  Mine is a mess at work.  It's a matter of spreading it all out and deciding what I want to tackle.  Very professional, No?  This Summer has been nice since I know there won't be anyone else coming in to clean or work I can leave all my stuff out when I leave for the day to come back to the next morning.  I'll miss that once everyone comes back to work.
7.27.11 Wednesday:       Drill:1, Boy:0.

My Boy drilled a hole through his thumb.  Well, that isn't the whole truth.  He drilled through his nail, almost, so you could see the bone. Gross!
 7.28.11 Thursday: My Boy and I went to go see our favorite chiropractor.  The body is an amazing thing!
7.29.11 Friday: We received a delivery of 144 sandstone blocks.  Each of those suckers weigh 70lbs! That's more than half my own weight!  Do you know how hard it is to pick up 70 lbs of dead, cumbersome weight? 

My Mann and I started to load them into wheelbarrow, no more than four at a time, and then pushing them from the front driveway where Home Depot unloaded them to the backyard.  It didn't take long before I thought we were going to die.  Then the cavalry showed up.  We had two pairs of missionaries called in My Sweet Pea to help us out.  So grateful that they did.

In just a few days July will be finished for 2011.  My how the year is  progressing so quickly.   So grateful for so many pleasant memories.

I hope you are all able to be making and keeping great memories.

Ciao y baci  mis amicos,


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  1. What a nice peek into your life. Thanks for sharing.