Sunday, July 24, 2011

Project 365 - Weel 28

It was difficult getting back to work after having the whole week off the week before.  The week was pretty good anyway.  
 7.16.11 Saturday : My sister helped pick out a bunch of flowering plants to plant in an area of the backyard.  They had been sitting for a few days until we finally got to them this day.  
 7.17.11 Sunday: Picked up My Sweet Pea from the airport today.  She'd been visiting My Mom.  

7.18.11 Monday:  I guess there aren't many things in bloom for the bees to get nectar so they're cheating and raiding our hummingbird feeders.  I could stop them from this act of felony by putting the little grided protectors that comes with the feeder but then that would hinder the orioles from getting anything.  Although the bees have a tendency to chase away any bird, hummingbird or otherwise from getting any nectar.

7.19.11 Tuesday: Imagine picture here of me back at my desk eating a big, juicy, white peach.  Yum.  

7.20.11 Wednesday:  The day before I ordered some yard stone in order to make a garden wall to hopefully keep so much dirt from filtering down every time a wild critter walks down or it rains. 

My Mann started digging out for it so he can be ready when it arrives.  

7.21.11 Thursday:  Rabbits!  I am not pleased.
7.22.11.Friday:  Our DSL has been acting up.  To load anything from the internet is like waiting for molasses to flow uphill on a winter day. Didn't make it worth turning on the computer.  

Thankfully the problem didn't last more than a day.  

Hoping you have all had a good summer week, doing those things that make memories with family and friends.   

Ciao y baci mis amicos.

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  1. Now there is picture proof that I do do something!!