Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt

Last month I heard about Rinda's Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt.  I think it was through Mel's blog that I first heard about it.  thought it sounded like a fun thing to do this summer.  It started the first day of Summer and we have till the first day of Fall to find our 21 photos.  I rooked organized a team of My Sister and My Sweet Pea and we joined the hunt.  One of the pictures we are required to take was to be of our team.  For all the photos there has to be at least one member of the team in the picture along with the item required.  Last week while My Sister was here we were able to get a team photo.  
 We also have an honorary member who takes photos of My Sister with any found item on our hunt while she is back home.  

One of our needed items was a castle.  My initial thought was Cinderella's castle at Disneyland.  But as most Southern California residents know Summer is not the best time to visit Disneyland. 

While we were at the park we saw there was a birthday for a little princess who reigned over a bouncy castle.  

But we also had it in our head to make our own castle.  We enlisted the help from the Boys, headed to the beach which by the time we arrived was beginning to set and it was getting cold with the fog coming in but we had a good time  and I think built ourselves a fine castle.   

Next week I share some more of our photos taken for the scavenger hunt. 


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  1. Yea! so happy to see these coming along. I love the Mann Castle especially. I grew up in Southern California - La Habra on the orange county/L.A. county border. Looking forward to what you post next week.