Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bees. Scavenger Hunt #6

Bees.  I don’t mind bees.  That is as long as they stay out of my house.
dead bees Spring 2011
Every year for a number of years now we’ve had bees come into the house through the chimney. What they think they'll find there I haven't a clue.  They come in, buzz around and eventually die, falling to the floor.  

One year we even had a beehive, complete with honeycomb and honey, between the floor and ceiling of our two story house.   I didn’t care much for the bees then, although I hated the idea of having to exterminate them as we couldn’t get them out easily to relocate them.

We still get lots of bees around our house which I don’t mind because they pollinate our citrus trees, but to actually go near a beehive for a scavenger hunt?  I don’t think so.

Good thing my sister, another member of our team, is more gutsy.   She has a friend that has a hive and she took on the challenge to have her picture taken with the bees and their home.

Another item on the list is a unicycle.  This one was less  intimidating.  My Sweet Pea, who is on our team, just happens to know someone who owns a unicycle.  What are the odds of that?  There are fewer and fewer people who ride or know how to ride a unicycle.  It was interesting to watch him and quite an eye opener to My Sweet Pea to realize, after trying it out, that riding a unicycle is NOT easy.

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  1. OMG - we are all so not worthy!!! I love that beehive, and I can't wait to see the unicycle.