Sunday, August 7, 2011

Project 365 - Week 30

Hi there,  I hope you all had a good week. My week was a full one of new ventures, the county fair and even squeezing in a summer movie.
7.30.11 Saturday: My Mann couldn't stand just leaving the pile of delivered blocks just sitting around.  He and My Boy were digging, measuring, leveling and setting things up to get the wall ready to go. 

Went to see Cowboys vs. Aliens this afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was a great western movie with a was twist.  Someone has a great imagination. If you haven't seen it already, you should. 
7.31.11 Sunday:  This morning we woke up to the threat of rain but it never really happened, at least in our area, other than a few drops.  I know it was only a few because I had to stand still for a long time and I would occasionally feel a drop.

It was pretty humid during the day but it all cleared up and we had our traditional BBQ hamburgers for dinner. Then My Boy took over the clean up.
8.1.11 Monday: I couldn't keep My Mann away from working on the wall.  He is so wanting to see this project get going.
8.2.11 Tuesday: After work I had the opportunity to go to a great location and photograph of one this year's incredible seniors.  He has a quick smile and such a great attitude.  A real pleasure to work with. If you'd like to check out those shots you can see them here.
8.3.11 Wednesday: Today was opening day at the fair.  My Mann and I took off work early so we could hang out with the crowds of people and animals and the food.  We had such a fun day.

8.4.11 Thursday: Had a chance to photograph another amazing senior. She will go far as one of our future leaders.  

That was all I photographed on that day.  Very enjoyable day and I'll be posting here pictures later in the week..

8.5.11  Friday:  I am so glad today is Friday and tomorrow is Saturday.  I took a nap and gave the camera the day off. 

What a full week!  It seems like ages since I saw Cowboys vs. Aliens and it was only seven days ago.

Wishing you, my lovlies, all a great upcoming week.

Ciao mis amicos

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