Sunday, August 21, 2011

Project 365 - Week 32

What a full week it has been, spanning several time zones, weather fronts and medical news.
8.13.11 Saturday: This day started out foggy and cool then it warmed up into some very pleasant temperatures with a breeze.  That's a good thing as today was the day to "build" the retaining wall.

8.14.11 Sunday:  We, the kidlets and I had all thought (individually) that solar lights were needed along the now completed wall.  So we pulled some out of a box, set them up and they worked.  Amazing.  

8.15.11 Monday: This day began early in order to get to the airport with a stop in New Mexico where I was picked up by my sister and mom then we drove as far as we could into Texas ending late late into the night.  
8.16.11 Tuesday:  Began with more driving until we finally arrived in Houston for Mom's doctors appointments in the afternoon.  The further we drove into Texas we began seeing these signs.  What?!?! You're talking to a girl use to earth shakes not hurricans!!!!  What do you do for hurricans? 

8.17.11 Wednesday: Today we found out the results to lab work done yesterday and whether or not my mom's surgery would take place or not. Her cancer is still localized, her A1C count was in a good range for surgery as was her weight. Her surgeon was pleased with the results and her surgery will take place on Monday.  One of the appointments we had were to inform Mom of the pre-op diet and cleansing the day before surgery.  She was informed that she shouldn't have a heavy meal with meat any later than Friday due to the cleansing.  We heard about what she wanted for her "last meal" every day after that in her anticipation of having a steak dinner at Outback Steak House.

8.18.11 Thursday:  We have a break from doctors, needles and chalky tasting shakes.  We did a little sight seeing and saw some interesting critters while we were out.  This little lizard and I were loving the weather but others including my sister found it hard to tolerate. 

It was hotter than Hades outside at 109 degrees with a high humidity factor.  I've been enjoying the heat actually but the humidity today made it a little uncomfortable.

8.19.11 Friday: The day finally arrived for the "last meal".  Mom could hardly wait.  We were excited to see that there was a Hobby Lobby in the same shopping center as Outback.  After our meal we went into Hobby Lobby to "take a look."  Huh!  My sister and I  boosted the economy here in Houston after we walked out of there with our purchases.     

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  1. Love your new format. Will be praying for your mom. Hope all goes well. Please let me know. Take care of you, and kitty vibes.