Friday, August 12, 2011

Summer Photo Savenger Hunt 5

We have been diligently seeking items to check off of Rinda's Scavenger Hunt list.  Here is another installment of some of the things we have found.    

Item #21 A rooster.  
My sister has more access to the real thing

while My Sweet Pea and I do not.  We happened to be in the fabric store when we found these roosters, so we improvised.

Then I went to the fair and guess what I saw.
 Yep. A rooster.  A Rhode Island  Red Rooster.  

Now, to qualify for the scavenger hunt I got my picture taken with this rooster.

Are  roosters common in your part of the world?  Even though they are scarce where I live I  never mind the crow of a rooster no matter what time of day.  To me there's something comforting about it. How about you?

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  1. Now that we live in a semi-rural community, there are plenty of roosters about. I definitely dislike them crowing before 7 am!