Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt 4

I'm curious to know how Rinda came up with the items on her Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt list.  There are some we may be hard pressed to find since this summer is a stay-cation summer.  But these two items weren't too bad. 

Item 10 is a wooden bridge.  We have one here that would fit that bill nicely.   I love this bridge.  It seems to me to be in the most unlikely place.  It joins the library and a park crossing over a ravine with water.  
Does getting our feet count as having a team member in the photo?  
Just in case here is one where you can tell it's really us on the bridge.

Item 13 caused us a wee bit of difficulty in more ways than one.  The item reads on the list: a cemetery of historical significance or with an interesting story.  

I could think of the great vacation we took back east several years ago and saw the famous Arlington Cemetery which is the resting place of famous people, but that was not now.

I also thought about Forest Lawn which are beautiful and on top of being cemeteries where I have relatives buried they also have beautiful artwork and statuary of Michelangelo but  Michael Jackson  is also there, but I didn't want to drive there with all the construction going on with the 405.
Then I remembered not too distant from us the Reagan Library which is the final resting place of President Ronald Reagan.  One of our team members didn't think that counted as a cemetery since there was only one person buried there. She thought that was a memorial place.  So we to come home and look it up the definition of cemetery.  When she saw that it read, a place where the dead are buried, especially one not attached to a church, was she finally appeased to the idea.

Have a great week, you beauties.

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  1. Love both of these. I've heard great things about the Reagan Library. Will post something next week about how I chose the items.