Monday, September 12, 2011

Project 365 - Week

This week so much has happened.  I have been in so many places.  I have experienced such a variety of situations.  And who knew I wouldn't be done with hospitals for a while?  Only this time for My  Mann's father. 
9.3.11 Saturday:  To start with, I woke up on this morning in Houston, Texas.  I had been there for the past three weeks with my sister to help and be with my mum who was going through surgery at the MD Anderson Cancer Center there.  On this day we began driving and stopping every hour and a half for most of the day. 

9.4.11. Sunday:  This morning I woke up, still in Texas as you know Texas is big, but ended the day in New Mexico where we got my mum  comfortably situated in her own home. 

9.5.11. Monday:  Woke up this morning in New Mexico and ended  the day in California.  So glad to be back home.  So glad to be back with my family.  So glad to be back in my own home.  I love my home and the people there.   I really missed them.  I've never been gone from them that long.  How about you?  Have you experienced these same feelings for some reason or another?

9.6.11 Tuesday: This was my first day back after a three week leave of absence.  It was good to see all my co-workers again.   

9.7.11.Wednesday: After work My Mann and My Boy were out running errands or something, can't remember now what, and I caught sight of this huge cumulonimbus cloud.  I was pretty amazed by it.

9.8.11 Thursday: It's so wonderful not to have to cook dinner.  My Sweet Pea has taken on the responsibility of preparing it for us.  We had a treat tonight.  BLT on Rye. I like rye bread.  Do you have a favorite bread?

9.10.11 Friday: I've started going into work earlier now that My Sweet Pea needs a ride to work, which is along my way to my work.  I am now catching the sunrise from my office window. 

I didn't realize how full this week has been until recapturing it just now.  Have you ever stopped to think about what you've really been doing and been totally amazed by it?

Wishing you all a great week, my lovlies.

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  1. It does look like a jam-packed week. I do occasionally marvel at how full certain days are!