Sunday, September 25, 2011

Project 365–Week 37

This week we said good-bye to summer and hello to Autumn..  A new season.  A new crispness in the air. New colors in the trees..  Hello, Autumn..
The later part of the week I think I paid a lot more attention to the skies than usual..  The clouds were amazing..  We rarely see such skyscapes here.
9.17.11 Saturday: There was a special  birthday gift delivered to a special dad today.  All My Mann’s  brothers and sisters arrived and gathered from various places to be with their dad on his birthday.  Gifts were given, candles lit and blown out, cake and ice cream eaten,, but the most meaningful part to him?  Quoted from a comment I heard him make that day: “The best part is having you all here.”
9.18.11 Sunday:  Today marks 35 years of marriage.  Last year on our anniversary I was home by myself while My Mann was on vacation with his father and a few of his siblings.  This year was different in that we hosted a dinner for his brothers and sisters.  I think next year we should go on a cruise.  What do you think?
9.19.11 Monday: Tonight as I was taking out my earrings and putting them away I all of a sudden had the thought: How many earrings and rings does one person need to have?  I don’t have a huge amount but certainly more  choices than I can wear in the period of a week..  I think I just realized that the amount to choose from is becoming burdensome.  Next time a new pair comes in I need to pass one on.   I usually choose my pearls over and over again.  They have a draw for me.  Maybe I should draw from the lesson of their existence as well. 
9.20.11 Tuesday:  I found myself doing a lot of walking around this evening.  Outside to see what nature was doing.  Then spent some time in the kitchen to visit and see what My Sweet Pea was doing.  Then I spent some time with MY Boy and My Mann in the garage where they’re working on My Boys learning experience.  I couldn’t seem to settle down. 
9.21.11 Wednesday:  My Sweet Pea needed to go to the store and asked if I could take her.  We spent an enjoyable couple hours taking care of her errand and walking down the center.  Found a fountain that I didn’t know was there.  Caught and My Sweet Pea with my phone.  Love that I always have a camera with me. 
9.22.11 Thursday: Today was the  last day of summer and the skies were beautiful, weather perfect.  A nice 72 degrees at 7PM. 
9.23.11 Friday: The first day of Autumn.  Another beautiful day with perfect weather and beauty in the skies. 
How has your venture into Autumn begun? 

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  1. I love getting family pictures. They are such a treasure.
    And I love me my jewelry "wardrobe." I try to be selective in what I buy. I go for items with meaning, and I have many family heirlooms in my collection.