Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Regrets? NOT!

I've been participating in Shimelle's Learn Something New Every Day class which has been running through September.  Today's prompt was lessons we may have learned about regrets.  Do you regret not having done something, do you regret having done something, or do you have no regrets for something you did or didn't do?  

I thought about this but didn't have anything that I could really put my finger on that I had learned, that is until I was driving back from taxi-ing My Boy to his college class this evening.  On the way back I took the back road instead of the freeway listening to the radio, which I rarely do now a days.  The song playing happened to be  I'm In A Hurry by Alabama.  

I'm in a hurry to get things done
Oh, I rush and rush until life's no fun
All I really gotta do is live or die
But, I'm in a hurry and I don't know why
As I dropped My Boy off at the curb I pulled away and as I did so I noticed a beautiful shrub that I've never seen before.  It's foliage and flowers were a new species to me.   The leaves and flowers had a kind of airy, lacy feel to it.  I had curiosity piqued.  Now, I have to research that shrub out.  Maybe it will do well as a drought tolerant alternative to the usual plants.  Then the song began to play.  As I was half listening I noticed the huge ball of fire sinking low on the horizon silhouetting the trees, brush, and hills in front of it.  A beautiful sight.  

Then further down the road, song still playing, I caught sight of a hawk sitting in a tree along the side of the road.  I love those birds.  They seem majestic to me.  I think they're beautiful birds.  I had to just keep looking at it for as long as I could switching from road, to it, to road again.   

Then it hit me.  The words of the song finally penetrating to my brain.  I was speeding down the road yet I wasn't totally focused on the road.  I taking the little moments to notice the beauty around me.  It's those things that rejuvenate my soul, that give me energy to create in one way or another.  Sadly, I forget to focus on those things as I rush and rush through life.  

Today I have no regrets that I noticed those things.  I came home and created this. Another no regret.  I'm learning how to do some digital things and having fun at it. 
Have you learned any lessons about regrets?

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