Monday, September 19, 2011

Scavenger Hunt #11

I've been following the blog of Junelle Jacobsen, called Yes and Amen, for some time now.  She captivated me with her photography, lambs, sheep, and sketching art journals.  I think I like her sketches so well because they are very simple yet complex in that she is pulling the detail from the larger picture to simply sketch.  This week she is talking about her process and materials.  It should be very interesting.  Please go and check it out. 
from Yes and Amen

We were finally able to find the missing camera and retrieve the last of the pictures needed to complete the summer scavenger hunt.
Item #2 A museum:  My Sweet Pea, member of our group, went to see the Houdini exhibit at the Skirball museum. 
That completes our list. Whoohoo!  We did it and had a blast.  Thank you again Rinda for making my summer eventful.  I think all three of us had a good time.

While she was out traveling to New Mexico this summer she also found another example of graffiti art to go along with our graffiti art found on the Berlin Wall only this graffiti had the southwest flair.  Don't know if this totally qualifies but it looks pretty cool. 

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  1. that second one definitely qualifies! and what an interesting museum.