Sunday, October 2, 2011

Project 365–Week 38

This has been a nice week.  Lots going on, nothing going on, saying hello, saying goodbye. Lots of contrasts.  I guess that is what made this a good week.
IMAG09329.23.11 Saturday:  For most of the day I was all by myself puttering around the house.  I can’t remember how long it’s been since I have been alone for that length of time.  I used that time to watch a little McCloud’s Daughters on video stream, figure out some digital scrapping in Photoshop, and – now perhaps you should be sitting down for this next part – I actually took some time to do some house cleaning.  The dust bunnies have been multiplying beyond control, toilets – well toilets do what toilets do best – and somehow the laundry hamper just doesn’t remain empty and the hangers and drawers do not remain full of sweet smelling clothes.

9.24.11 Sunday:  Today was a great day.  Perfect on the heels of the day before.  I did something new today.  Want to know what it was?  Nothing.  That’s right.  Nothing.  I didn’t get dressed.  I didn’t put on make-up, GASP! and it wasn’t because I was sick or something.  I just played hookey from everything and did nothing.  It felt great!  I felt rejuvenated.  It was something I needed to do, but didn’t realize it.   

 9.25.11 Monday:  Had a full day at work then once I got home, to unwind, I went out to look at what was happening in the yard.  We finally have actual, real, live, green beans!  I have tried since June to grow these plants.  Rabbits have chewed down the tender, tiny sprouts multiple times before I finally circled them with wire.  Once protected the sprouts were able to put their energy into growing.  It was hard work for them, but they are now looking beautiful and producing.  Miracle.  Tender mercy.  Awesomeness. 
9.26.11 Tuesday:  No picture today.  Don’t remember why.  Don’t remember what happened.  I saw this picture taken earlier in the week of another awesome beauty of nature.  We have this different looking crow that visits whenever we throw yummy things in the yard for the birds.  I’ve tried many times to get his picture, but he is VERY skittish.  I just think being different is beautiful. 
9.27.11  Wednesday: I take My Sweet Pea to and from work on my to and from work every day.  We have some nice alone time, just the two of us.  She teaches me a lot with her sweet spirit.  

9.29.11 Thursday: For a couple weeks now I have been anxiously waiting for this day.  I was going to learn to do something that comes natural for children and I love the way children discover, play, and experience life when they are young.  Well for us if we learn some of those lessons from a little child.  “Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”  Matt 18:4
I learned how to hoola hoop.  I joined a class through the Park and Recreations 50+ program called Hoops for your Droops.  Don’t you just love that title?  That is what first caught my attention as I browsed the brochure.  The first class was so fun.  I don’t think I smiled or felt so happy for such a long time as I did in that one hour.  The teacher told of how she first got involved with hoola hooping and what pushed her into it was knowing that she was in a depression and extremely over weight and she had to do something because she knew killing herself was NOT an option.  She now has such a beautiful smile, and has lost her weight and is full of joy.  It’s funny once you start hoola hooping you can’t stop thinking about it, at least for me.  I’m now wanting to get a grown-up hoola hoop for myself and I wish next Thursday’s class will hurry and get here.  In the same breath I trying not to hurry my week along.  Who knows what I might miss if I do.

9.30.11 Friday:  How fitting for the last day of the month to land on a Friday and a good Friday it was.  I reconnected with some friends I hadn’t seen in a while.  One, from work who has retired, came to visit us poor buggers still working.  Then when My Mann and I went for a date night we saw a couple from church that we hadn’t seen since we moved from that area 25 years ago.  How easy it was to visit with them.  They were the first people we told that we were going to pick up our first baby.  We needed a car seat and when we got the call from social services it was too late to purchase one before we needed to take off early the next morning for her.
My nephew came home tonight from a mission he was serving for his church.  We couldn’t be in New Mexico to welcome him home so we sent a picture to show him how glad we were that he was back.


  1. How fun - my 15 year old niece hula hoops, and it keeps her in great shape!

  2. What a lovely week :) The photo of you hula hooping is so fun!!