Sunday, October 9, 2011

Project 365–Week 39

What a week!
IMG_403810.1.11 Saturday:  I did something else new this week.  I started taking a beginning watercolor class and  I love it.  I’ve wanted to try this for as long as I can remember. Today in our first class we learned about doing washes and  making spheres.  

IMG_407010.2.11 Sunday:   We visited My Mann’s dad in the hospital this afternoon.  It was good to see him, joke and laugh with him, and here him tell us about what he had been reading.  Three hours after our visit we received a phone call telling us that he passed away.  God is good in that we were given the tender mercy to see him one last time just hours before he crossed the veil. 

10.3.11 Monday: Spent time with my kidlets and while we were out I noticed the clouds wisps and palm trees.  There is a change of weather in the forecast.

IMG_408710.4.11 Tuesday:  Dark storm clouds are gathering more and more.  My car, which usually lives in the garage, has been living outdoors for some time since the bug has taken up residence there in hopes of being repaired.  It’s been a long, learning experience for My Boy and this means that I will have to go out in the rain to get to the car tomorrow morning.  That isn’t anything new as of late but it will be the first time I have to do it in the rain.  I am grateful to have an attached garage and now that I have to venture out in the rain I realize what a blessing it is when I  don’t have to set a foot out in the cold or rain to get in the car.  

IMG_409410.5.11 Wednesday: We had a good soaking today but by the evening the storm moved on.  What has been nice is that the weather didn’t get too cold.  It almost seemed like a tropical storm.  Very pleasant. 

IMG_411310.6.11 Thursday:  Still dealing with residual clouds from the storm .  My Mann’s family has started gathering.  Meetings and making arrangements are all carried out without problem.  It’s amazing that the seven brothers and sisters all get along peacefully and easily with one another.  They don’t have any mistrust or disrespect towards one another.

10.7.11 Friday: We are now having cold mornings and evenings with warm days.  It’s time to pull out the socks.  I have been waiting patiently for this time so I could wear my new socks that Mel, (my bloggy friend from England) brought for me.  Thanks, Mel, I love them.

What new thing have you done this week?
Are you experiencing new weather as fall sets in more?
Have a great week, my lovelies.


  1. The socks look really good on you :) Great to see them - at first glance I thought 'they look familiar', then a split-second later I realised why!!

  2. We have been having WONDERFUL weather I've had my windows open for 3 days straight!! {and that's big for AZ} Also I hope I'll see you this coming weekend in NM!