Sunday, October 30, 2011

Project 365–Week 42

Time is zipping by. Just trying to capture those moments.
10.22.11 Saturday: We finished our first watercolor project in our class. Doing this picture I've learned some helpful things and created something nice to look at.

10.23.11 Sunday: Peaceful Sabbath day.

10.24.11 Monday: A very slow day at work.  A day for comfort food at night.  A boy thinking he can tell a cat what to do. Silly, silly boy.

IMG_432810.25.11 Tuesday: You can walk through the stores and see Christmas decorations already.  The holiday hype is so rushed. On this particular day I got to hear Christmas carols.  My Sweet Pea plays the organ in church and she commented a few weeks ago that there is so little time to play the carols and reacquaint her fingers for them so she is planning ahead this year.

10.26.11 Wednesday: I had the craving for some more comfort food.  Must be that fall weather in the air.

10.27.11 Thursday: Looking forward to my Hula hoop class all day. First, captured a ferocious kitty in the yard.

10.28.11 Friday: We had a trunk or treat and chili dinner tonight.  I made a variation of the Scarecrow Crunch I mentioned.

Next week begins a new month.  So many things to look forward to.  I saw a 30 Days of Lists on the Pippa Passes by… blog in September and thought I'd like to give that a try, but, later.  November feels like a good later, to me. I may change up the lists a bit to make it more relevant.  Anyone game to give it a try along with me?  I will try to be diligent in posting the list prompt each day through November.        

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  1. I *love* your watercolour! :) And I remember making a mental note of the lists myself - but as I have so many layouts still to share and 2 more weeks of Shimelle's class, I probably have enough blog posts to take me through November so I shall defer the lists a little longer I think. Look forward to seeing yours! xx