Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 16 of Lists

Prompt 16: To Do List.  I haven’t been keeping To Do lists lately and things aren’t getting done around here.  So this list will be timely.

It was fun thinking up inventions that I wish were real.  I drew on my experience of watching Star Trek movies and the TV series.  I've always thought that several of the items used in the future as every day items would be great to have now.  

My Sweet Pea, who loves Star Trek, seeing how much my sister and I would like to live closer, talking daily to each other over the phone and how far apart we live mentioned that she would build a transporter for us when she was older.  My sister and I still tease her that she hasn't made good on her promise.

I think the medical field would greatly benefit, and us, if every doctor had a medical tricorder.

I really know I could use a food replicator on those evenings when I don't feel like cooking.

Have you ever been in the car listening to the radio and there was something said that you didn’t hear completely or a song played that you wish you could press rewind to hear over again just like with Tivo or the DVR?

And lastly having a holodeck for a quick get away would be a dream, don't you think?    

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