Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 20 of Lists

Managed to get a couple lists done. 

Finished the Weekend Plans that had very little of it accomplished, but the Things I love To Do When I’m Sick list hit the jackpot. 

Project 365 this week was very, very, very sparse. To start out My Mann and I had a busy, three day weekend. We both became run down with our agenda.  As nice as it was, we both paid for it.  My Mann sooner than me, but still paid for it nonetheless. It took all we could muster just to go to work. 

Project 365 Detail
The week ended with thoughts of getting Thanksgiving arrangements started. 

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  1. I do hope you're on the mend! We have various lurgies in our household at the moment, and I'm sure some of them have taken hold because of all the rushing around we've been doing :(