Thursday, November 24, 2011

Day 24 of Lists

Prompt 24: At This Moment
In honor of being in the moment I am doing just that and taking a break today. I'll post my completed lists after Thanksgiving. Right now I'm either enjoying the smells wafting from my kitchen, loving and being with family members, or missing and remembering the patriarch of the Mann family at this time.  

It was his tradition each year before we blessed the Thanksgiving feast to recite this fun, little, Thanksgiving poem, which we all loved.

It sat there on the table, a gobbler plum and round
But when it came time to cook it, it was nowhere to be found
They searched all the kitchen and in the pantry, well
They asked John if he had seen it and Tim and Annabell
They even asked tiny Mary if she knew about it, too
And in a tiny voice she said, “Yes, of course I do.
The turkey didn't feel well because he had lost his head,
So I put my nightie on him and I tucked him in my bed.”

Wishing you and yours a beautiful, wonderful, day.

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