Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day 27 of Lists

Prompt 27: My Dream Space Would Include...

When I was thinking of fictitious people I love I thought about who I would like to spend the day with or have as a fellow companion on an adventure.
Bones or actually whole team of the the Bones TV series I thought would be interesting to follow around.  Although there would be some times that I would venture off into less smelly or gruesome areas than they would go.  I think that whole group make for a good combination.

Then there are people like Quigley and Crazy Cora.  They just seem like some fun people to be around.  Crazy Cora comes up with some pretty good lines.  

Since I saw The Wizard of Oz as a little girl I fell in love Glenda’s dress and crown.  I still love it and I would love to wear her dress and crown and float in a bubble from one place to another. 

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