Sunday, November 13, 2011

Project 365 - Week 33 and Day 13 of Lists

This week was a fairly calm week. Our week began with a birthday celebration for My Sweet Pea and My Boy has been having friends over most every night this week instead of being at friends almost every night.  I enjoyed some flowers that My Sweet Peas surprised me with at work and then the week ended with My Mann and I taking a day of leisure in Hollywood.  While we were there I noticed two girls playing in the water feature at the mall on the corner of Highland and Hollywood Blvd.  They were having so much fun.

Each evening I have spent a bit of time doing something creative for the 30 Days of Lists and for the 30 Days in your Journal class I have been doing this month.  Learning to get over some of my hang ups because of the class and watching Julie's video demonstrations.

Prompt 12: If I Ruled the World, took some real thought.  I have a controlling disposition yet I also know that I can’t make anyone do what I want them to. So what can I really control? Probably the only thing I could control would be women's bathrooms.  I've already been to a place that had 39 commodes and was immaculately clean.  It was like heaven. You can read about it here.  Anyway, since ruling the world is a dream I just decided to list some things I dream about in a perfect world. 

Prompt 13:  Never Have I

What would you choose to have if you ruled the world? 

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