Saturday, December 31, 2011

Good-Bye, Hello

About this time a year ago I couldn't wait for twenty-ten to be over.  I had hopes for a better year.  Twenty-eleven is now about over, but I'm feeling pretty content with the way this year has evolved.  As I look back on all that has happened I see that I have a lot to be grateful for; the largest being the miraculous recovery of my mother from Pancreatic cancer. 
Almost Never Clever

Soon twenty-twelve will be upon us.  Over the last week I have found a couple calendars perfect for the new year.   The first is from Nat at Almost Never Clever.  She has designed and offers a free download for a PDF picture calendar template.  You can easily add your own 3x4 pictures to make this desk calendar your own.   

The other calendar is a 12 month Gratitude Calendar from Ann Voskamp at A Holy Experience.  The Year of Grace consist of a page a month with a beautiful picture and quote.  There are numbered lines for each day of that month to write a gift a day.  She offers this as a free download gift this year.  

How do you feel about the going and coming of a new year? 

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