Monday, January 9, 2012

Art Journal

Project #2 for 2012.

Going along with my one little word  and theme of Grow I have begun growing out of my inhibitions about doing art; getting over the idea that I'm not artistic and that I can do this in my own way.  Late last year I took a couple art journal classes.   One with Christy Tomlinson, She had Three Hearts and the other with Julie Balzar, 30 Days in Your Journal.  

Both of these classes have helped me to realize that there is no set way to art journal and that an art journal is what you make it.  There is not right or wrong.  There are no rules other than you enjoy it and have fun with it.   With Christy's class I learned all about using different mediums and in Julie's class I learned about doing something every day, or just about everyday.  Watching both of these women work in their journals as they taught was very enlightening to me as I've never watched in that intimate sort of way.  I've only seen the finished product with no information of how or why it ended up that way.  In these classes you saw and heard what was going on in their mind as they created.  That alone was well worth the experience for me.  

So, my desire for 2012 is to continue working and growing my process  in my art journal at least 3-4 days a week.  

This is the first one I did one week during my class with Julie.  It was completed by following her exact process.  The biggest eye opener for me that first week was how she did a little every day adding to the page.  Since then I have been doing that with my journal and I have liked it.  It felt less intimidating about creating and completing something from start to finish in one sitting.    

Have you learned something that recently that has allowed you to make some progress?  To move forward with something you have wanted to do?  

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