Monday, January 16, 2012

Art Journal

While taking the 30 Days in Your Journal class with Julie Balzer we did a week's worth of journaling with tags.  I enjoyed this week because I was learning new things, but I also found this week very frustrating.  It was good in the fact that I learned  I could "experiment" on a small scale.  It was frustrating because I found that the media and talent I had to work with was very limited.  I have slowly started to build and or experiment with the few that I have.  I got as far as two tags for the first two days of the week.  After that I resorted to spritzing a Thank you card that came in the mail that week, some tags off a pair of jeans purchased that week, another from a bouquet of flowers given me, and last the pink rose flap from an envelope I saved.  I've had that envelop for some time because I couldn't bear to throw that pretty flap away.  I really like how it looks with the black and white polka dot smash tape. That makes me happy.
A pretty sad showing.  Yet I did learn about taping things to create flaps, creating an overall patter with circles to add some interest, and that I really must learn how to use what I have and to make myself think out of the box. 

I've heard more than once from Julie, Donna Downey, and other artists encouraging us to learn how to use the products you have.  While watching these artist with their products occasionally they will say, "I wonder what would happen if I did this with this."  They think of things that would never have occurred to me.  It is my hope that one day I will grow into that world of wonder myself.  That one day I will not be intimidated by the "norm".  That I will grow and spread my wings and thoughts outside of the box I find myself trapped in at this time. 

Do you find yourself frustrated over things that you know that you hold on to yet you know they hinder you?  How do you get over that?  How do you let go?

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  1. I'm sure you will! I often try to create something as taught the first time and then start to play. It was a big revelation for me when I started doing what I felt like doing with a class prompt, rather than doing what the teacher instructed. I think the key is to remember that there will always be more paper and supplies available, and there's nothing wrong with throwing away something that didn't work out (or painting over it to start again).