Monday, January 2, 2012


We find ourselves with one day already past in the year 2012.  It has been a pleasant first day - one that began and ended with setting off fireworks - far from my hometown. In a climate 40 degrees colder than my hometown climate.  Quite a shock to my system.  Why? you may ask.  I've asked myself the same question because I would much prefer to be warm rather than freezing.  But My Boy is moving on and I couldn't just send him off with a kiss a wave.  My Mann and I are taking him to his new digs in Rexburg, Idaho where he will be continuing his education.  

Because the drive isn't a quick one I've had a little time (in between listening to audio books) to think about the new year, where I would like to be and what changes I would like made a year from now.  

I'm hoping that I'll be able to settle on more concrete plans for projects once we're back home.  I think I've almost settled on the word I want to concentrate on for for the year.  It's a toss up between two very similar words, but I can see already how much this word will affect my projects and choices for the year.

I'm am thinking about projects that I would like to work on for the year.  They do not include Project 365 this year.  During the last quarter of 2011 I quit doing a picture a day and I haven't felt any regrets over that.  Before when I had fallen off the wagon I felt guilty.  Not this time.  That was a big clue that I am finally ready for a change.  I'm ready to move on.  This is a HUGE step for me after the last couple years of just getting by.

I've found a few links that talk about planning and making resolutions that you may like to read.  A couple of them even offer free PDF downloads of planners and questions for review of 2011.  

5 Steps to Making New Year's Resolutions from A Holy Experience
20 Questions for Reflecting on Your 2011 from Simple Mom who offers a PDF of 20 thought provoking questions.
When You Really Want to Wear New Habits from A Holy Experience where a free daily planner is offered.

Did you find that you had projects started last year that weren't finished?  Was that because the project no longer fulfilled a function or did you not finish and feel guilty about it? 


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  1. What a thought provoking post. I've been busy purging projects and other supplies I don't need anymore, but also reclaiming some projects I want to complete this year.